I really don't know that much about ducks. Surprise!!!! Heck, I used to think they had teeth and would bite if I got close enough! Fotunately for everyone concerned, there are some GREAT words of duck wisdom all over the web!

Here are some that I've found. Each link has been carefully scrutinized and categoriezed in a technologically-superior-chronological-alpha-binary-pi-squared-sub-routine ... you know, just like "ducks in a row" -- NOT!! ... Organization ain't my thing (believe me). So here are a few links, and I'll just keep taggin them on as I get more. (and yes, mom, I know that "ain't" ain't in the dictionary! I'm just a wild rebel!)

Send me other links if you want and I'll add them to the list. (oh, yes, in all my spare time ... whad-dam-i-crazy??) ... No, really, send 'em -- its good to share!! (just not if you're a germ)

There are a lot of GREAT duck links out there! My favorite place to connect with other duck lovers is the Pet Ducks R Us Egroup at Yahoo. Use the box below if you want to join us. C'mon -- We don't bite! (remember, ducks don't have teeth)

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But wait ... there's more ....


These links will open a new browser window. I just can't stand to say "goodbye"!

Live Ducks No, NOT as opposed to post mortem ... this site really has streaming video of ... well ... LIVE DUCKS!! Amazing the things we do, dontcha think?? There is also TONS of info about caring for ducks ... Plus, Lori from the site is GREAT! Ask her a duck question and you WILL get an answer ... it will usually even be in reply to your question!

Lame Duck Rescue Note to fellow-members our drive-thru-microwave-instant-access-disposable society: ANIMALS ARE NOT TRASH! This site is dedicated dedicated to educating the public against buying chicks, ducks and geese as Easter pets. Chicks, ducks and geese are not toys! They are living, breathing animals. They deserve to be cared for with love and respect.

Carolyn Crocker and Sheldon the Duck I LOVE this site. Sheldon is adorable! Plus there's lots of useful info to boot ... err ... I mean to quack!

Get Some Help! ... no, I mean for your duck, silly! This link will help you find an Avian Veterinarian near you.

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Updated on: Sunday, January 02, 2005