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Quackers, Deb and Rugby

(Quackers, Rugby and their Crazy Human ... NOTE: I'm the one in the middle)

Gimme a kiss, Quackers!!

I love Ducks! The quack me up!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2003

Brad left early for work. He drove away, only to return a few minutes later. "OK," he said, "there's an injured duck on the side of the driveway. I know you're going to find it when you go for your walk. Get me a towel and a box and I'll help you save it before I go."

It was one of those extra-interesting days that changed our lives. We never in our wildest dreams had planned on adding a duck to the family. Who'd ever heard of having a duck for a pet?!?! After 38 years of trying to save every creature that still had a pulse when I found it (and a few that didnt), though, nature finally decided to take me up on my offer. Along came that pathetic, injured, helpless, lovable duck. Along came Quackers, who soon became a Kney.

Almost a year later and I have to admit it. After 11+ months of duck-dom, I've become a true duck-a-holic. I love the duck.

We have 3 cats and our especially-spoiled and most-wonderful-in-the world dog Rugby. I love them all, and YES, Rugby will always be number one! But Quackers has still managed to capture a special place in my heart. Good thing that it seems to be big enough in there for all of them, with plenty of room to spare (hint, hint other injured wildlife)!

It's also quite fortunate that Brad is the wonderful husband that he is! Before you go calling me "biased" about this, remember that he puts up with me on a daily basis. 'Nuf said?? Just look up "patience" in the dictionary and you'll see his face. Believe me, he has to share living space with ME (the human amoeoba), so I know this to be true (and so does everyone else who knows me)!

Patient? Yes! Certifiable duck-o-holic? NO! Brad can go days on end without even visiting Quackers. When I ask if he wants to come out and play with Rugby, Quackers and I, his answer is usually a very quick and easy "no". Even so, Brad has admitted that Quackers is cute and he's quite tolerant about her (shhh ... don't tell, but he really LOVES HER, too!!). Better yet, he's also able to tolerate my obsession with her. So, it all works out just fine!

OK -- enough rambling and on to the meat ...I mean ... er... the substance of this web page!! Since we have so many photos of her ... and since I really REALLY believe that a photo is worth a thousand+ words ... and since I've told the story so many times that 1 photo/1000 words gets you off easy ... and since we're paying Comcast for the webspace anyway ... and since if you're read this far, you MIGHT just have a bit of duck-o-holism in your veins, I decided to share some scenes from the photo journal of Quackers' road to recovery ... and beyond!

Without further adue ... adoo ... adew ... adieu ... <ahem ... Gezunheit> without wasting any more of your time with my prattle, enjoy the pics ... and have a ducky day!



LuLu: sweetest doose on the planet!

We welcomed LuLu Gosling, Jr. on June 6, 2004.
LuLu is our one and ONLY "doose" (aka: a goose who thinks SHE's a duck cuz SHE lives with 'em).
And, YES, LuLu is a girl
LuLu Gosling, Jr, arrived June 6, 2004 (she was 4 weeks old when she joined our flock)
THANK YOU, FRAN!!!! We love ya!!

July 31, 2004

... UH OH .... Careful ... ducks CAN be addicting ...

Welcome Shimmy and Lini Mini - aka "The Minis"!

Our Mini Mini Ducks!

Our 3 day old baby pekins being snuggled by Hubby, the one who started it all ( believe me, my hands don't look that good!)

January 10, 2005

Double Uh-oh .... better click below ... yes, the pictures DO tell story:

"I love ducks ... they quack me up!"

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THAT'S ONE MESSED-UP DUCK aka: COYOTES SUCK ... or maybe is was HAWK ... OK, NEVERMIND, they both need to take up a new vegetarian diet cuz they both SUCK ... just LOOK what they did to my poor baby before we found her!

AT HOME IN THE QUACK HOUSE (and Duck-N-Goose Yard as of Summer, 2004 - pics coming soon!!!)


HAWKEYE Duck vision is better than a good set of binoculars any day!

TO LUUU LUUUU, WITH LOVE!!!! (yep, just like that song ... makes you want to sing along and rent it tonite, right???) Hereeeee's LuLu!

THE MINIS!!! Welcome Mini Ducks!! (no, they're not really Miniature Waterfowl .. they're pekins and they're peekin at ya right here!)

SEXY DUCK ... err ... I mean how to SEX your duck ... as in "girl" vs. "boy" and "duck" vs. "drake" - WHAT did YOU think I meant??

DON'T BE JEALOUS Pics of our other pets. We love them, too!! ... even Psycho-Cricket ... (now THERE's a patient husband for you)

THE RUFF LIFE Did I already mention the-most-wonderful-dog-in-the-world RUGBY?? TOUGH! Look at his photos, too... it's worth the extra click!

LIFE IS GOOD ... NO... LIFE IS DUCKY! If it doesn't fit elsewhere, you might find it here! LOTS of pics ... BE WARNED: I have a digital camera and I know how to use it! I'll just keep adding pics here ad-naseum ... so click REFRESH if you visit more than once, which I hope you'll do!

Quackers, LuLu, Shimi and Lini Mini have plenty of warm fuzzies to share!! If you really, REALLY are a fellow duck-o-holic ... or at least a little bit quacked ... then you know EGGACTLY what I mean!

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